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Sunday, October 01, 2006


Hip Hop: Old School To New School

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September 31, 2006 4:05 A.M.

What's really good? I have to tell you this has been a great day. I spent the day with my younger brother (he has a wealth of hip hop reading material and vinyl just like I have. . .he is a serious crate/beat digger/vinyl junkie) and my two nephews (15 and 12) along with my son (age 10) and we all did some serious male bonding today.

My brother blessed me with the June/July 2006 issue of
"Waxpoetics" magazine, The Hip Hop Issue. This magazine is an excellent read. My brother told me that this magazine is hard to find in stores and I could hardly put it down. There are articles in there about the late great James "Jay Dee aka J. Dilla" DeWitt Yancey, one of the greatest hip hop producers to ever grace the boards that incidentally was raised in Detroit, Michigan. (I have to say it again, Detroit is and always has been a place where musically gifted people have always flourished. I am so glad that I grew up in the state of Michigan! From Motown, George Clinton & The Parliament/Funkadelic movement to Eminem, Slum Village & Kid Rock. . . .Detroit is a true musical hot spot.) I thank God that I was able to get a chance to read through this magazine. Reading such great material inspires me to continue to study the development of this phenomenon in America called Hip Hop Culture. The Hip Hop Issue also features excellent stories about Kool DJ Herc, the originator of break-beat deejaying, Grandmaster Flash, Public Enemy & The Bomb Squad and a lot more! Definitely a must read for anyone who is interested in the history of the Hip Hop DJ. Here is a link to get the magazine online right here.

Check out the image below from way back in 1979. The featured DJ's were Afrika Bambaataa, Jazzy Jay, Kool DJ Herc and DJ Clark Kent.

Here are more historic hip hop images.

Check out this classic old school hip hop video!

Check out this story on old school hip hop tapes!

Any true hip hop head has to study the history of the music and culture to truly appreciate this art form. You cannot truly appreciate hip hop without having some knowledge of it's history. I really respect anyone under the age of 25 who has knowledge of the early pioneers of this art form that is now being used as a teaching tool by infusing hip hop and rap in high schools all over the United States. Check out an example by clicking right here or right click here to download a pdf of the article.

If you have read this far you probably either have learned a little bit about the history of hip hop music and culture or your memory has been refreshed if you already know. Either way I hope you keep checking out this blog in the future. Thanks for checking.

Speaking of the future, here are some suggestions for your turntables Hip Hop DJ's!

9th Wonder-"Brooklyn In My Mind" 12" single -street date 10/3/06
J Dilla (Jay Dee)-"The Shining" Instrumentals 2xLP -street date 10/3/06
Living Legends-"Legendary Music Volume 1" 2xLP-street date 10/3/06
Sadat X-"Black October" CD (hope there is vinyl!)-street date 10/3/06
Planet Asia-"The Medicine" CD (vinyl??)-street date 10/3/06
Dan The Automator-"2K7" 2xLP-street date 10/17/06
Darien Brockington-"Someone To Love" 2xLP-street date 10/17/06

Now playing:

Lupe Fiasco-"Food & Liquor" LP
Ludacris-"Release Therapy" LP
Talib Kweli-"Listen" 12"
The Roots-"Game Theory"

Highly anticipated:

AG-"Get Dirty Radio" 2xLP-November
Pharoahe Monche-"Desire" 2xLP-November
Strange Fruit Project-"The Healing" 2xLP-November
Game-"The Doctor's Advocate" 2xLP-November
Mos Def-"Tru3Magic" 2xLP-December
Nas-"Hip Hop Is Dead" CD (vinyl??)-December



Last but not least I gotta give a BIG shout out to my boy Vito at Vertigo Music (one of my favorite vinyl stores for putting together DJ appreciation night on Wednesdays at Vertigo Music, 129 S Division, Grand Rapids, Michigan at 6:00 PM EVERY WEDNESDAY. DJ Crooked Leg Craig provides the sound system and the turntables for DJ's to come and flex their skills. If you can't find it check out the website and click the link for map to the store. Hope to see all you DJ's out their soon and HAPPY CRATE DIGGIN'!

"The Funkadelic Relic"

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