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Sunday, February 03, 2008


Hip Hop Artifact: 1997 A.D.

By: The Funkadelic Relic

It's Super Bowl Sunday. . . if you are waiting to watch the big game get all your snacks together, put that TV remote in the right place and back 11 years in time to 1997 and download the classic "That's Them" by The Artifacts.

I spent my morning and afternoon doing some online beat digging. You know ya boy is a Hip Hop Archeologist.

This is vintage hip hop so go ahead and download this classic joint and and blast it before you watch the game. True heads I know you will appreciate this if you don't have it in your iPod. *ENJOY!*


You may proceed with the download..

*Click on the image to download!*

1.Art Of Scratch (Intro)
2.Art Of Facts
3.31 Bumrush
4.To Ya Chest
5.Where Yo Skillz At?
6.Collaboration Of Mics [Feat. Lord Finesse & Lord Jamar]
8.It's Gettin' Hot
9.This Is Da Way
11.Break It Down
12.Skwad Training
13.Ingredients To Time Travel
14.Return To Da Wrongside

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