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Tuesday, September 04, 2007


DJ Head: Grand Rapids' Aphilliate. PAY ATTENTION!

Sunday, September 02, 2007
By Joe Walker: The Grand Rapids Press

GRAND RAPIDS -- When 26-year-old Aaron McDonald was a child, he wanted to grow up to be a salesman like his father. McDonald instead bought into the hip-hip culture, investing in turntables. Now, known as DJ Head, he has become one of the most recognized DJs in Grand Rapids -- and nationwide.

"I fell in love with hip-hop at an early age," Head says. "I experimented with the turntables to make my own music and, now, everything I do with this music I do for the love of hip-hop and Grand Rapids."

His love for Grand Rapids is not entirely about sounds and scratches. It is also about scratching the backs of others, helping out in the community whenever he can.

"A few days ago, I was at the gas station, and this lady over pumped her gas and didn't have enough to pay for it. I paid the difference for her," Head says. "Grand Rapids' community and hip-hop community are a lot alike. Being there for one another makes us stronger."

Community support

The community has been there to help DJ Head gain career strength.

His well-known CD mix-tape series, "All Hoods Welcome," is one of the most popular in the city and beyond, so much so that he and his company, Blokhead Entertainment, were nominated for a combined six Grand Rapids Hip Hop Awards.

At the May 18 award show at Wealthy Theatre, DJ Head won DJ of the Year and Best Mix-Tape DJ.

A 1999 graduate of Ottawa Hills High School, DJ Head became the third artist from Grand Rapids to join the popular national recording organization Aphilliates Music Group.

The multi-award-winning DJ team of Drama, Don Cannon and Trendsetter Sense owns AMG. Grand Rapids natives La The Darkmen and Willie The Kid also are on this roster.

"I'm the first DJ from the Midwest to become an Aphilliate," he says proudly.

Leading the way

Willie The Kid says DJ Head is the original "leader of the new school" in terms of the West Michigan hip-hop scene.

"He's been on the grind for a long time, cornering the DJ market," Willie says. "He will continue to be a trendsetter and pacemaker and will become a power player in the emergence of West Michigan hip-hop arriving on the mainstream. He's qualified for the position. Quite simply, he's in charge."

Head says he has worked hard learning all aspects of the industry, becoming an entrepreneur and a member of the industry elite.

"I've already accomplished what I set out to do, and that was just to open up at a concert, to create my own foundation from the ground up and become an Aphilliate," Head says.

DJ Head CDs can be found at several local stores: Beatnics, Designer Dugout, Beat Goes On, Reflections and Flavas.


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