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Thursday, June 19, 2008


DJ Omega Supreme-"Politics & Bullshit" Mixtape 2008

You know I always give nothing but mad luv 2 all DJ's.....featured in this post is the DJ for the group La Famiglia, DJ Omega Supreme......his new mixtape, "Politics & Bullshit" is available for FREE DOWNLOAD on The 616 Hip Hop Network: GO GET YOURS NOW! Sneak Peek.......Thanks for stopping thru * * * Wow...summer is finally here ...keep your system poundin' all summer...just ride wit me...I might drive a lil' reckless @ keep ya seat belt strapped on....100. . . . . . . . . . . . .hip hop lives........ . .. . in the Spinzone. . . . . DJ's..... .. . MC's . . . .Breakdancers. . . . . . Grafitti artist. . . . .Beatboxers. . . it's a culture. . a way of life. Educate. . . empower. . . . enlighten. . . . inspire. . . . . motivate. . . . communicate. . . . . unite.---------------now!. . . . . . .
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Last Saturday I happened to make it to the FREE show downtown behind The Van Andel Arena featuring La Famiglia. Damn they brought the thunder, the lightning, high winds and rain...but before all that...their show was really tight. I gotta give it to 'em. They really do give up a live ass show. They have some serious fans that supported them right up until the weather went totally haywire.

La Fam was rocking their smash club hit "Wave Your Hands" when the wind started picking up real hard until it felt like it might snow out there....they didn't want to stop either, but the city of Grand Rapids shut 'em on down. Now that's some hella entertainment when they keep rockin' thru what appeared to be either a severe thunderstorm or even a tornado. There were warnings for them throughout that evening in West Michigan and there were reports of downed trees and power outages all over the place!

After running to the car, taking my kid and my nephew home since the weather was absolutely ridiculous I dried off and changed into different clothes and headed back downtown to The Intersection to see if I could make it to the after party. The free show didn't start until about 9:30 that night and was scheduled to last until around midnight or later but the again..there were weather issues that night.

Made it to the Intersection a little after 12:30 AM and DJ Omega Supreme was warmin' it up on the 1's & 2's...but the crowd was sort of light compared to the crowd that was down the street earlier. Man if only the weather would have cooperated I'm sure the after party would have been jam packed, but it was not safe to stay outside earlier and most people packed it in and went home or headed for shelter.

La Famiglia put on another great show for the die-hard fans that made it to the after party. I missed her, but they told me DJ SuperDre warmed it up earlier. The people who were at The Intersection before the show was over got a treat I was told with Dre. She always comes correct for whatever crowd she plays. She has a good sense for what the crowd will like that is there with her at all times. I have witnessed her keep the dance floor packed for extended periods of time and most of the time the energy builds right up until the end of the night which is exactly what a good DJ will do with good song selections at the right time. Omega Supreme did it also right then taking us back to Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth, Tribe Called Quest....all types of classic ish.

All I can say is "thanks" La Famiglia & Omega Supreme.

To really make the nite DJ Omega Supreme came to the front of the stage with a stack of his newest mixtape, "Politics & Bullshit" handing them out to everybody who was there (I don't think he even ran out of 'em....he was giving them to everyone) and talked to me and told me to put it up for download on The mixtape is straight fire featuring hot 16's from some of your favorite mc's...Phonte, Nas, Joel Ortiz, Ras Kass, Cassidy, Jadakiss, Styles P, Immortal Technique, The Roots & more! The mixtape alone was well worth the price of admission to the after party! I was a happy customer for sure.

Hit Omega Supreme up @ and tell him "Unk Funk" sent you through. Check the tracks on his page. He's a serious hip hop head from way back. You can email him @ The mixtape is available for free download RIGHT NOW compliments of my good friends @

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