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Monday, November 06, 2006


The Spinzone: Hip Hop & Sports Pt.2-Mayweather Tattoos "Ta Ta"!

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November 6, 2006

After thouroughly dominating Carlos "Ta Ta" Baldomir for 12 rounds at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas for the WBC Welterweight Championship and running his record to a very impressive 37-0, Mayweather said that he is ready to leave boxing after his next fight. He says that his next fight will be his last. It didn't really look like a title fight at all. It looked like Baldomir flew into Vegas for a boxing clinic. Roger couldn't be there so he sent Floyd a letter and told him how to dismantle him. Floyd knew what to do anyway. A veteran of the sweet science who has been in boxing gloves, watching film, reading books and training to be a champion for about 27 years. This guy is a seasoned professional just like Sugar Ray Robinson, Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Roy Jones Jr., Mike Tyson. . . do I need to continue? The clinic was on and Baldomir even got paid for it!

There wasn't much that Baldomir could do. Mayweather never looked tired, pressed or in trouble even though he said he hurt his hand in the 6th round. He threw jabs and hooks mostly for the rest of the fight. No problem. Adjust, defend, wear him down, stick, move and throw combinations until the end of the fight. No problemo. I don't know why Dan Goosen chose to use the phrase "Pretty Risky" as the theme for the fight? Oh I forgot, he must have been referring to Baldomir risking his championship belt against Pretty Boy Floyd. Risk it he did.

Mayweather became emotional at the post-fight press conference. "I love the sport. One more fight and I'm through. I don't need boxing. I'm not in it for the money. It's about legacy. I'm rich and I've accomplished what I want." Kery Davis, an HBO excecutive close to Mayweather said "when he heard him (Floyd) say that he thought of " Jim Brown and Barry Sanders." He thought of "Michael Jordan when he went to play baseball".

Hopefully there will be a fight between Mayweather and De La Hoya. I don't understand why all of these guys who love the sport of boxing won't give the boxing fans the biggest possible fight that they can. The fans are demanding to see this and both Oscar and Floyd could announce that they are both retiring after this one fight. Of course no matter what happens there could always be the mega-million dollar rematch if they chose to do it. Imagine the drama. Floyd Jr. and Floyd Sr. Oscar and Pretty Boy. Floyd Sr. and Roger. Drama in the desert. I'm telling you right now that is going to be an extremely HOT ticket.

I really got a kick out of the interview immediately following the fight that Floyd had with Larry Merchant. Floyd really let Larry have it. I guess he had a good reason to though. After winning 37 fights against everyone that they put in front of him (except for the guys they wanted him to fight for peanuts) Merchant never really acknowledged anything but things that were going on in Mayweather's personal life for the last 7 or 8 years. Merchant is a boxing commentator. Floyd told him exactly right. Mayweather told him to "stick to commentating because he knows nothing about boxing". Floyd knows about boxing. He has done it and done it quite well.

See what Floyd said to Larry Merchant!


Click here and peep Floyd reppin' Grand Rapids in this video from Heavy Game!

If you saw the post from November 4 you know that everyone from Grand Rapids is rooting for Floyd Mayweather when he fights. He really does represent his hometown well now and is giving back to his hometown as much as he can. There is no reason why he cannot continue to be extremely successful if he continues to focus and he will do it. Pretty Boy is gonna keep it movin'. I'm sure he will be getting his promoter hustle, hip hop hustle, tv hustle on for a while. Just watch him. Remember he's cool with Michael Jordan. When you see him in the Jordan commercials don't hate. That's right. He'll probably have one of those like Derek Jeter, Roy Jones, Carmelo Anthony. . . you know how Jordan is rolling.

I will be back again real soon so keep checking the posts and keep the comments coming. Now, as KRS-One would say, "Let us get back to what we call hip hop, and what it meant to me and DJ Scott La Rock!"

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