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Saturday, November 04, 2006


The Spinzone: Hip Hop & Sports-Floyd Mayweather P4P Best in Boxing!

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November 3, 2006

Tomorrow night my homeboy "Pretty Boy" Floyd Mayweather goes up against Carlos "Tata" Baldomir for the WBC Welterweight Championship belt. Mayweather exemplifies the long existing link between sports and hip hop. He has his own record label, he is flashy, confident and has proven that he is now the very best fighter in his chosen sport in any weight class. Even though he hasn't fought every single fighter that has been presented to his management as possible opponents, Floyd has proven he is the best in the business right now. His record is spotless. He has won 36 fights, 24 by knockout. His opponent, Carlos Baldomir who currently holds the belt, is 43-9-6. Baldomir has only 13 knockouts and is supposed to be the toughest opponent (again) that Floyd has faced. This guy had Zab Judah real dizzy but couldn't knock him out. Zab, I love you man but that dude caught you. Baldomir is presented as the "slugger", and Floyd as the "boxer" yet Floyd's knockout percentage is ridiculously higher than Baldomir's. Don't believe the hype. They got it twisted. Do the math, Floyd is the slugger in this fight. No disrespect to Baldomir because he is a good fighter and after all he is the champ. Floyd has to take his belt tomorrow night. Let's see, that will make belt #5 for Floyd in 4 different weight classes. Correct me if I'm wrong. I don't think so. . . . if you don't believe me click here.

Floyd Mayweather is hip hop. He has the attitude, he is confident (and was portrayed early in his career as cocky), flashy, owns his own record label, Philthy Rich Records and has accomplished one of his goals to be the best pound for pound boxer today, but he ultimately wants to be the best in history and why sell himself short? You gotta believe. You gotta believe. I will say it again, you gotta believe in yourself or nobody else will. Floyd believed it as a kid running around Grand Rapids. If you saw him back then and listened to him talk about boxing one time, you could tell if he didn't know anything else, he knew all about boxing. His father knows it and both of his uncles, Roger and Jeff know all about it.

If you are worried about Floyd being ready for the fight tomorrow night because his uncle Roger won't be there. Floyd said Roger sent him a letter. There isn't a lot that Roger can tell Floyd right now. All he has to do is remind him. I've never seen him even really need to instruct him in a fight that I have watched because most of the time they have been rather easy for him. Baldomir is supposed to provide his biggest test. Let's see what grade Floyd gets. His average has been a 4.0. Even if he loses he'll still have a damn good grade point average for all of the tests he had before with guys like Zab Judah, Arturo Gatti and Diego Corrales. Gatti was the absolute darling of HBO until he fought Floyd. Floyd got all A's on those tests. Against Judah he got some extra points because Zab could only hit him below the belt. Gatti and Corrales couldn't finish at all against him. There was no doubt about who won those fights. Mayweather. Again.

Floyd knows what he has to do no matter what Baldomir comes at him with. He has seen it all in the gym. Even before he became a champion you know he has been in the gym with Roy Jones Jr, Mike Tyson and was trained by his father who is considered one of boxing's best, and his uncle Roger who is also considered one of boxing's best trainers. The difference between Floyd and all of the rest of the fighters in the game today is that he grew up learning about boxing from his earliest beginnings and if you ask him, his uncles or his father anything about boxing they can definitely tell you about it.

Don't think he doesn't know the business? After he was no longer with his father his first manager was James Prince, CEO of Prince Boxingand Rap-A-Lot Records. If Floyd listened to anything James Prince was talking about business and how to suceed in it he should be O.K. It doesn't look like Floyd is having a hard time making any money now. He has done well. There is no question. He now fights on Pay-Per-View almost every time. That was the way you had to watch Mike Tyson, Roy Jones and now Oscar De La Hoya, Bernard Hopkins or any of the other good fighters you have to pay. Floyd knew that about boxing when he was real young. Fighting on Pay-Per-View every time guarantees a hefty check and Floyd has put in the work to deserve it now. He's the best in the business right now. If you forgot, he was in the Raekwon video with his boy Zab Judah. Check it out below!

Mayweather shouldn't have any problems tomorrow night. Remember Roger sent him that letter. That is all he should need. I don't think Baldomir will be able to catch him any more than Zab Judah (who is one of the fastest fighters in boxing), Arturo Gatti (the darling of HBO and supposedly never quit in any fights) and Corrales all couldn't finish against Mayweather. All three of them either quit or the referee had to stop Floyd from practically killing them in the ring! Uncle Roger was there for those fights and he could have sent him letters for all three of those fights that were supposed to be difficult for him and he would have passed the tests with flying colors!. Check it out. If you want to see the best fighter in the business you better order that fight or get somewhere where someone is watching it. I know I will be in front of a TV somewhere around 9 PM.

Here is more proof of how hard Floyd works. He puts it in and it has paid off for him in a huge way! Just check him out. He is so fast I don't know how Baldomir will hit him?

Still not convinced? Watch more

After watching all of that still some are not convinced that this is one of the best fighters in history. Best in the business. Period. If Baldomir wins, then he is also one of the best. Even if Floyd were to lose (doubt it), there would still be the rematch. No question there would have to be a rematch. Do the math. This is boxing. If Baldomir loses do you think Floyd will give him a rematch?

Oscar De La Hoya should just go ahead and fight this kid and they go on and make that money. He's fighting other people? Floyd wants the fight bad. I want to see the fight bad just like every other boxing fan. Give it to us Oscar. If Mayorga, Hopkins, Felix Sturm, Fernando Vargas and Shane Mosley can get fights why not Mayweather? Is Big Floyd slowing this thing down? I don't know why he would do it? Just look at Tiki & Ronde Barber in the NFL. Those are two brothers who just play their game against each other and make that money. I don't understand why when this would be the biggest fight for any of the Mayweathers right now (that includes both father and son) any of them would allow it not to happen. All I know is I want to see what Oscar can do with Floyd. Now that would be his biggest test, even though I have seen Oscar lose to Mosley, Trinidad and even though they gave it to him, he lost to Pernell Whitaker also. Whitaker gave Oscar plenty of trouble and if you have been watching fights for a while you probably realize that Floyd Mayweather is a lot better right now than Pernell Whitaker was when he faced Oscar waaaaay back in 1997. I think I would still take Floyd against Oscar. Even with Big Floyd in Oscar's corner. I got nothing but mad respect and love for Big Floyd but he won't be in the ring with his son, Oscar will. God willing I'll be back and you will come back and see what I have to say or you will post a comment. I am curious.


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