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Sunday, December 16, 2007


Fireproof Celebrity Weekend!

By The Funkadelic Relic

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Fireproof Celebrity Weekend kicked off with a bang at Studio 28 Friday night with the premiere of the new Fireproof movie, "2morrow's Never Promised". It was like Hollywood comes to Gun Rule and you will definitely see footage on TV real soon. They had a serious film crew on hand. Fireproof is for real with it. They really mean it when they rhyme about Hustlin' because I have seen them putting in serious work around here for years. They deserve all the success that may come to them. God has blessed them and all of them respect this Hip Hop Culture to the fullest.

There was a crowd at Studio 28, but many were there to see other movies that were coming out that day, most notably Will Smith's movie. Wiil's movie can wait. I had to see my Nephew's new joint and it was well worth the eight bucks. It was VERY impressive. The weather has been nasty in the midwest and possibly kept some people indoors, but they really missed a great story.

This movie has a compelling storyline with many twists and surprises about a group that achieves overnight success and how it affects all of their lives forever. Every member of the cast did a great job and I know they put some hard work into this project. You have to see it for yourself. This was only the first night. Unk is too old to be hangin' in the club with Midget Mac....but DJ Buscat and Moe Goethree told me the party was bananas. DJ Buscat always keeps it xtra trill. . . . . . . .

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. . . . . . . . . . speaking of DJ Buscat. . . .on Saturday my Nephew showed me the usual Gun Rule Luv and made sure I would have access at Ottawa Hills High School for the 2NP CD/DVD Release Concert. Again...the weather was nasty outside and the turnout was ridiculously low...but the show was really good. The hosts, Fon & Mr. LMAO....them boys are hilarious! Everyone remembers Mr. LMAO from The Grand Rapids Hip Hop Awards. For some reason he doesn't even think he's that funny....and as I remember it he had some of the hardest thugged out cats in Gun Rule in tears. Fon was just ridiculous (as always) in the movie and he was right on point all throughout the show (don't even try to heckle him, he was trained by one of the best, the OG Showtime...anybody who knows Showtime knows what I'm talking about) and demanded energy from the crowd and it seemed like everyone was into the show. I was.

DJ Buscat set it off in the door....he was bumpin' the new Scarface when I came in the door and played one of my favorite Willie The Kid joints, "The Clearing" . . . that is Gun Rule Theme music. . Bus had to bounce early though...he had to heat it up over in Muskegon later that night at The Spotlight Night Club, one of West Michigan's Premier Hip Hop Venues. Mr. Spotlight himself even showed up. Big Lacy was in the building early but he had business to handle in Skeetown and had to dip out early and couldn't see what was a great lineup of talent from around West Michigan and the Midwest.

Show Highlights:
Sid Swift...veteran in the Hip Hop Game. Unknown to some in attendance but I'm sure they know who he is now. Swift demanded energy from the crowd also and was very spontaneous, confident and energetic on stage. I've watched him since he first grabbed that mic. He ain't lettin' it go now.

Fireproof, Wyatt & Rojay . . . Fireproof veterans in Gun Rule. Moe & Cash Boy demand energy also from the crowd and DJ Big Napp's beats are (and always have been) killin' it. They have developed a crazy fan base all over the Midwest and it can only grow now that they have stepped their game up and have a DVD on the market with a barcode on it. It's the real deal. Wyatt...that slow joint is the banger Fam. "Strangers". . . Rojay showing some serious skill @ arranging the joint. Moe Goethree definitely is cultivating the roster with these 2 young cats. They have instilled that work ethic in them also. They are really really grindin' it out.

Nefertiti. . . she came out and spit over my Nephew Kaution's beat. That alone is one of the reasons I felt her. I know Kaution would have been in the show if he hadn't been in the car accident. Everybody has mad luv for that kid. He is probably in his wheelchair right now bangin' out a beat or writing a song. I respect the grinds these young cats have in Grand Rapids. They are really trying to get it. I think they deserve to....they are working.

GC24KT, Phil Gates, Fly Donnie. . . again. . .hard working young hustlin' brothers. GC24KT's little son right there on stage with him. I expect him to be rhyming real soon. Fly as ever. What can you say about Phil Gates? People were standing up. Fly Donnie shut it down. He really put it down when he kicked the rhyme about his Moms. She was standing right in the aisle in front of the stage and he walked right out to the edge and spit that rhyme about how his Moms raised their Fam. It is that type of song that is all too real. She was there to verify what he was saying was fact. She had her hands up. Case closed. Joey B (...why wasn't there more local media coverage about him appearing on Diddy's "Making The Band 4" on MTV?) joined him on stage and repped for Bang Out. They did their song, "Johnny" a story all too familiar to us here in Grand Rapids. These brothers know what needs to be heard and everybody in our city needs to hear that song on the regular.

Kingpin...Just like did at The Grand Rapids Hip Hop Awards, he rocked the crowd and demanded energy and got it. Another hard working brother. Rode over from Holland. Yes...he rocked and he's from Holland. West Michigan Hip Hop Lives.

Oh by the KNOW Moe got all the footage. They had a big time film crew on the case. This shit is major for Grand Rapids.

Show Lowlights:
Canary Yellow Chello....couldn't make it to the show. I know it was probably snowing really crazy in Muskegon and the Birdboss was probably somewhere in a studio working. That's all he does is work. If you don't hustle you don't eat. I know Chello is eatin' real good. . .missed you Fam. I wanted you to sign the flyer with everybody else. (Missed Young Spaz & Shadow too. Wanted to hear what they had coming). Check it out below.....

The weekend isn't over until Monday morning....Fireproof Celebrity Weekend Continues!

*Grown & Sexy Comedy show location changed to Azucar Night Club, 645 S. Division

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