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Friday, August 03, 2007





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Pretty Boy Takes Aim At Hatton!

Courtesty of Setanta Sports
De La Hoya had to weigh at least 15 pounds more than Floyd Mayweather on fight night. Everybody said that Floyd would run...he doesn't knock anybody out. The most important thing about Floyd has been that NOBODY has knocked HIM out. How in the hell did they call it a split decision? Oh I know what it was...they were counting all the times that De La Hoya hit Floyd's glove with his head, face and body .... that had to be how they scored. Oscar was supposed to knock Mayweather out. Couldn't do it. Mayweather is one of the best boxers in the history of the sport hands down. Technically speaking he is almost flawless. He just doesn't knock everybody out every time. Pretty Boy is undefeated and it is doubtful that Hatton will get it in. . . . . We will see.......stay tuned. Dec. 8, 2007!

August 1, 2007

Floyd Mayweather has cranked up the heat ahead of his proposed showdown with Ricky Hatton by claiming he is on a different level to all other fighters. The two are due to meet in December, after a fight was agreed in principle between the representatives of the two men. Both hold unbeaten records and are widely regarded as the best in the business, but Mayweather feels his next opponent needs to step up a level if he is to compete. "I don't know who is the pound-for-pound number two in the world, but there is no fighter in the world like me," said Mayweather. Hatton has taken the scalps of the likes of Kostya Tszyu, Juan Urango and Shamba Mitchell, but Mayweather was unimpressed with his latest victory over Jose Luis Castillo. "Hatton is in for a rude awakening when we meet and he is in for a shock if he thinks I'm like any fighter he has ever faced," added Mayweather. "I'm in the business of blood, sweat and tears. "I saw Castillo get hit with a body shot, turn around, take five steps and sit down. I wasn't impressed. When I'm done with Hatton he'll think he was fighting four people."
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Ricky Hatton may have a habit of bulking up in between fights - but he will not be piling on the pounds to give himself a better chance of beating Floyd Mayweather. Hatton's December 8 clash with the self-styled 'Pretty Boy' has been made at 147lbs welterweight limit where the 'Hitman' struggled when he moved up to beat Luis Collazo last year. This time Hatton will not make the same mistake of adding extra weight for the sake of it, according to his father Ray who says lessons have been learned from the close shave against Collazo. Hatton said: "When we fought Luis Collazo, we made a mistake. We tried to make him as big as the guy he was fighting. When you only have a stature of 5ft 7in there are limitations of what weight he can put on before it affects him. "We slowed him down. His body was carrying more weight than what it was used to when it was put under exertion in a 12-round fight, so his performance dropped off. "I caused a lot of confusion a few weeks ago when I said that Ricky Hatton wouldn't be fighting at welterweight. What I actually said was that he may be fighting for titles at welterweight. But he will not be coming in the ring as a welterweight. He'll be coming in the ring as a light-welterweight fighting a welterweight. "We won't to be putting on weight he doesn't need. We've made that mistake once; we won't be making that mistake again." Hatton senior also revealed that he had been in negotiations with the Mayweather camp over a potential superfight for as long as 18 months. The speed with which the match was made surprised many, but he said: "We've been talking to people from Mayweather's camp for 18 months. We've had dialogue going back as far as that. "We've had conversations - 'let's be careful who the lads fight, try and keep them unbeaten, let's try and make it over 80 fights', which is a bit of a record for two unbeaten fighters to get in the ring."
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Ricky Hatton blasts his Critics for upcoming fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr
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