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Friday, October 27, 2006


The Spinzone Blog: VH1 2006 Hip Hop Honors

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October 27, 2006

Welcome back to the Spinzone. I haven't posted since 10-14-2006 and apologize for not keeping the posts coming but I was busy last week watching VH1 Hip Hop Honors! I always get excited to see the REAL hip hop pioneers recognized for all they have done for the culture.

The VH1 Hip Hop Honors class of 2006 consists of the following: Afrika Bambaataa , The Beastie Boys, Eazy-E, Ice Cube, MC Lyte, Rakim, Russell Simmons & The Wu-Tang Clan. The show was hosted by "The Original Gangster", Ice-T. VH1 really put together an amazing show and the performances and information they provided was priceless to anyone who respects the music and the culture. I was impressed with all of the tributes to the honorees done by other artists. Just hit any of the links and you can check it all out for yourself online.

I really liked the way Ice-T and Ice Cube did the tribute to Eazy-E. After all of the beef that Cube had with NWA I could tell that he really has buried the hatchet since Eazy's untimely death. I can remember listening to his line in one of the songs on his new CD, "Laugh Now, Cry Later" on the song, "Growin' Up" when Cube says that he would give Eazy's son advice on anything and wouldn't think twice. As a matter of fact, Lil' Eazy was right there spitting on the mic (looking like the spitting image of his Dad) in a tribute to his Pops with Young Jeezy (who also insists that Eazy-E influenced his career and style).

Watching the VH1 2006 Hip Honors Week reminded me of the time I spent back 1987 and 1988 in New York City at The New Music Seminar, before Ice-T was involved in the soundtrack to the movie, "Colors". I saw Ice-T in the summer of 1987 in New York City at New Music Seminar and he was walking around everywhere just like a lot of the other DJ's, promoters and aspiring artists (as well as MC Hammer, Young MC, MC Serch, Funkmaster Flex, Hank Shocklee, Keith Shocklee, Grandmaster Caz, Prince Paul and many others now established in the hip hop game). Ice-T was extremely articulate, humble, intelligent and positive contrary to the way he was portrayed in the media in later years (after the Body Count song "Cop Killers" was released).

Afrika Bambaataa, The Beastie Boys, Eazy-E, Ice Cube, MC Lyte, Rakim, Russell Simmons & The Wu-Tang Clan were definitely good choices to be honored this year. I congratulate each and every one of the hip honorees and look forward to the choices for 2007. Every single one of the choices this year deserved to be honored and we must all appreciate VH1 for putting an excellent show together!

Click here for complete VH1 2006 Hip Honors Info!

Click here and see the video of the 2006 VH1 Hip Honors Recap

*Blog update: Saturday Oct. 28, 2006*

* DJ Jazzy Jay * * DJ Red Alert & DJ Tony Tone * *DJ Disco Wiz*

I have received some inside information from a very reliable source ( regarding the VH1 Hip Honors Awards Show that I was not aware of prior to making this post. It appears that many hip hop legends were treated with less than the respect they deserved when they attempted to attend the show this year. According to legendary DJ Jazzy Jay, "They took it kind of hollywood this year". Many attendees were unable to even get into the event. Kurtis Blow was reported to be standing outside in line!? Kurtis should have either been backstage or onstage!

Grandwizard Theodore, Grandmixer DXT (formerly DST), Charlie Chase & The Cold Crush Brothers, DJ Tony Tone & DJ Disco Wiz are definitely pioneers and legends, yet they haven't been acknowledged by VH1 as pioneers and legends when the awards shows come up. This is just my personal opinion, but maybe some of the performances of the honorees songs by other artists could be shortened or eliminated from TV and only the honorees performances could be shown on TV and more true pioneers could be honored.

Click here on the image to the left for the full story! "Thanks for starting Hip Hop, now please leave"!

Without a past there is no future and the present catch phrase I have heard in the hip hop community is that, "Hip Hop Is Dead". I don't believe it is and never will be as long as there are students of the game. The best thing about the whole situation is that as long as the pioneers continue to be honored the culture will live on for a long time. Continue to support the culture. I know I will.

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