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Friday, September 14, 2007


50 Cent Gets Money...Kanye Gets His Money Right!

I like Kanye West because he has diverse subject matter and just has more overall musical talent. 50 Cent is mostly swag. 50 can't make beats. He can sell records and create a "money making situation". That is what he seems to be good at. It has worked over and over. Some of 50 Cent's beats are classic though...can't front on Dr. Dre. However this "challenge" thing turns out there will be another marketing ploy in the works between the two. I read a post on MySpace, AllHipHop or somewhere that 50 Cent was ordering Interscope to purchase 300,000 copies of Curtis....hmmm....sounds like some real slick marketing shhhh. Somebody might mysteriously place an order for 300,000 copies before the end of a week. Imagine the drama if it comes down to the wire at the end of a week and the count is close.'s only Friday now. Don't be surprised if both don't go over 1 million by next Tuesday, September 18th.

Let's see how this thing turns out. 1.2 million in the first week between 50 Cent and Kanye West is nothing to sneeze at. Nobody is really talking about how many units will move this week because of this "bet" or "challenge". Looks like both of them will win this one. No matter who sells more.

I look at all the posts of people going at each other about which one is best between Kanye and 50 Cent and laugh...but probably not as hard as Kanye & 50 are laughing. Trust me. If you got emotional about this here "challenge" or "bet" or whatever the f*#k they wanna call it and then went and bought 2 copies of YOUR choice to "win".....the marketing strategy worked to perfection. Let's see what the numbers are. They might not break any records....but I would take moving 500,000 units in a heartbeat. Who wouldn't that is trying to sell any product? Gotta luv it.

Watch and see them doing songs together. Trust me. It's gonna happen. What's the song 50 Cent released? "I Get Money". What was Kanye's first release called? "Wait 'Til I Get My Money Right"......It's gonna be right this week. They would be ABSOLUTELY CRAZY not to record together.

Kanye tells you right in his newest video..."50 told me go head and switch your style up and if they hate then let 'em hate and watch the money pile up". It's pilin' up. Projected 700,000 copies. 50 is projected to sell about 550,000.

Peace & Respect,
"The Funkadelic Relic"

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